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getting expert advice

Postby Dawn » Thu Sep 01, 2005 10:51 pm

would it be fair to say that, if owners wanted to get advice in regards to farriery then it would be best to go to the farriers forum rather than the horseowners? if so it would be refreshing if we could get some useful information that is aimed at educating us rather than patronising us. If there is no regulation then owners should not be allowed to log into farriers sites for information because some of the answers may lead to bad feeling.

john ford
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Postby john ford » Mon Sep 05, 2005 7:43 pm

Dawn, I’m afraid that you and other horse owners will always come up against a host of negative and sometimes arrogant attitudes towards your postings on these boards due to the very complex nature of farriery in general. This is only just my opinion, but out of all the 2400 registered farriers in this country the answers will be that persons own opinion.
Although we are trained to a very high standard, and read all the vast amount of literature on the subject, one must be very much aware that the true art of farriery is a practical profession. That means that two horses are never the same, the type of work they do differs from one horse to another, weather conditions affect different horses feet, the type of soil or grazing affects horses feet, and so on.
With all that in mind, it would be impossible to teach anyone very much by writing it down on these boards. All top class farriers are still learning the subject of farriery till the day they die, due to many of the afford said situations that occur on an every day basis.
When we can breed a perfect horse, with a perfect conformation, doing the same type of work, and eating the same food in a perfect environment, then and only then will someone be able to write just one book on the subject of how to trim and shoe the horse.

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