Consultation - Code of Practice for the Welfare of Equines

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Consultation - Code of Practice for the Welfare of Equines

Postby admin » Wed Nov 19, 2008 8:27 pm

The following extracts refer to farriery:

Hooves of horses should be picked out daily and at the same time examined for signs of pain, wounds, injury, loose shoes, impacted foreign material or anything else unusual.

In the case of foot problems, advice should be obtained from a registered farrier or veterinary surgeon. Advice from the veterinary surgeon or farrier should be followed diligently

Every horse owner and keeper should have some understanding of the care of a horse’s feet, which grow continuously and the need to treat lameness promptly and effectively. Feet should be trimmed by a competent person and attention should be paid to their growth and balance. A horse should not be expected to work at a level above that which the hooves are capable of, whether shod or unshod. In the main, horses ridden or driven on roads or hard, rough surfaces will need to be regularly shod by a registered farrier. However, if horses are used unshod they will need to be carefully managed, and receive regular hoof care which ensures their use on difficult surfaces does not cause them to become sore.
The Farriers Registration Act 1975 requires anyone shoeing horses to register each year with the Farriers Registration Council. This includes those people who only shoe their own horses. Loose shoes and those with risen clenches should receive prompt attention from a farrier to prevent possible injury. Hooves should be trimmed or re-shod as advised by the farrier, which should usually be every 4-8 weeks. The frequency of hoof trimming will depend on various factors including health, nutrition, age and type of work.

Comments on these proposals are invited by 31 December 2008.

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