FRC AGM 5th March 2009

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FRC AGM 5th March 2009

Postby admin » Sun Mar 08, 2009 11:57 am

I hear that the FRC AGM went well last Thursday and that Paul Gordon, Stuart Craig and Peter Baker all spoke up well. For the first time in history there is an effective group of farriers on Council, not just the odd isolated individual. Well done guys.

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Postby PNB » Sun Mar 08, 2009 1:23 pm


Thanks for that.

The meeting opened up routes of communication regarding the various steering groups and committees.


The Regulatory Reform Order Committee, is in place to see what can be done to improve the effectiveness of farrier regulation. A verbal report was noted, which to date has not been finalised. It was noted this was agended before council to be "Receive and Consider", in view of an objection under rule 183, [there being no written minute], the heading was amended to the status, "To note".

The matters under consideration are:-

1, The appointment of Lay members onto council.

2, Regarding appointees to council, that they should be reappointed every 3 years, to serve for no more than two terms.

3, The maximum fine for illegal farriery should be raised to £5k.

Others matters are being considered.

The chairman of the RRO grouping [Weston, BEF appointee] invited comment from the members and the craft.


FTA, Governance Review Group.

Again status of agenda item was amended from, "Receive and Consider", to, "To Note", as no written minute was available.

The purpose of the committee being, that now it is established FTA is wholly owned by FRC, can it function outside of the rules and procedures of the FRC?? and within its own structured rules and procedures , as it does at present. These specific FTA rules and procedures were something put in place when the separation of FTA from FRC was contemplated. An idea now not thought viable.

One matter was raised, an increase in the numerical size of the Farrier Training Agency Management Board FTAMB.

Opinion:- My feeling being the role of the FTAMB should be taken over by the craft elected members of the Training Advisory Committee, who should report directly to the FTA owners the FRC.

My reasoning FTA now being under the new stewardship of the highly efficient Peter Ablett, it seems FTAB is superfluous to any FTA needs!!

The Chairman of the Governance Grouping, [SJC,] invited comment from the members of FRC and the craft.


The CPD PSGrouip, still seems to be plowing its own self appointed furrow. The inclusion of new FRC member Stuart Craig onto this grouping may well change this!!


The review by The Registrar, of the Rules and Procedures of Council, tabled to approve but is still on going, with no minute. Its status again was reduced to "To Note". A report is due in June 2009.

Opinion, The rules are usable at present by being subject to,"Points of Order" Interventions. Yet often the FRC rules have been ignored.

This comment is made is with the exception of Appendix 5. My grounds being, I would be most uneasy to be asked to judge any of the other of my fellow members of FRC with out the protection being afforded to the individual of Article 6 of the European Convention of Human Rights. [From my personal experiences, this is something seemingly not shared by all others on FRC!!].


Approval was given to USA farriers CFJ certificate as holding the equal status of Dip WCF, something about which I didn't have any feelings. It doesn't in the big picture mean much for UK Farriers. In view of the Home Secretary's comments about immigrant workers needing a higher than Dip WCF status to work in the UK.


Thats enough in one sitting.


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Postby csc » Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:49 am

it was requested that farrier representation should be given to SCOTLAND and WALES
The outcome may depend if anyone wants to represent Scotland or wales
i firmly believe that these two should be represented although to what capacity and how ,has to be sorted if no one responds it will certainly be dropped so please call me on 07930323263 or put something on this forum

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FRC 5th March 2009, continued.

Postby PNB » Mon Mar 09, 2009 7:08 am

To continue FRC 5th March 2009.

Registration Committee:-

I really am surprised that this committee still exists, it seems to have acquired a far greater power, since it was disbanded. It was reinstated for the purpose of The Highlandand Islands extendsion of theregistration area. Should itsexistanceagain be reviewed!!

A, Maybe this committee is still in being due to item 5.3:- The last training director’s new baby!!

5.3, “Recognition of Certified Euro-Farrier Qualification for the purposes of Registration”!!

Councillor Baker Cautioned, “In considering this item, please accept the caution regards UK Registration, seemingly this could be a takeover by Europe”.


LANTRA Qualifications for Barefoot Trimmers:-

The Registration Committee endorsed the joint FTA/FRC/NAFB&AE/ WCF statement, Position Statement. [UKHSA does not].

However the farrier groups and five barefoot bodies seemingly agree the out come of the debate; that subject to 5 [ish] small changes to isolate the finished foot from ending with a shoe nailed or glued to its base, the bare footers seem to accord with the farriery “Technical” National Occupational Standards, so little problem is seen for both bodies to work to the same NOS’s.

There seemed to be a general accord at FRC. The Chair asked every member of council for opinion, this outcome was led by those 7 FRC members who went to the LANTRA meeting.


2,The Hurligham POLO association are making overtures to allow polo grooms to shoe polo ponies next season, seemingly Hurlingham have been told “NO”, only those legally entitled to shoe horses in the UK will avoid prosecution.

New wider powers [Borders Agency] and effort will be employed by FRC, to prevent illegal polo pony shoeing. The RSPCA will assist in collection and collation of written depositions.

Any farrier who identifies POLO GROOMS shoeing should in form Sefton House, seemingly any one reporting must be able to identify the illegal workmen, and be prepared to make a statement, and where possible produce photographic or other physical evidence.


Highlands and Islands Farriers currently placed in parts 2 and 4 of the UK register must remain there for 6 years or pass the Dip WCF before being entitled to go onto part 1 of the UK Farriers Register.


Seemingly 404 UK farriers hold CE-F status, EFFA register, 6th January 2009. This could “possibly” be the total farrier membership of NAFB&AE, those who automatically qualify on mass for EFFA registration.


Very importantly it was stated that UK apprenticeship funding was linked to farriery being linked as a metal working occupation. Here I foresee lies a problem with future BAREFOOT NOS being linked to farriery.


To be continued.

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FRC 5th March 2009. Continued.

Postby PNB » Tue Mar 10, 2009 5:32 am


Training Managers/Directors report:-

Mr Ablett reports the success of a Farrier Training Agency Stratogy Day.

The outline of a strategic planning cycle to develop a FTA Strategy in June, and a Stakeholders Conference [ATFs] in May are work in progress.

Dependent on the governance grouping outcome the existing FTAMB members Cooper, Dring, Story, have agreed to a further 3 year term of office. [Comment:- should the functions of FTAMB be taken over by craft elected members of the FRC/FTAC??]. ANYONE PLEASE??

It is now noted FTA staff have signed a contract, of Confidentiality/Declarations of Interest, seemingly [as was reported during PNB's disciplinary proceedings] the last FTA director did not do so, as then it was considered the contract of employment was sufficent.

Proposals are in place for NVQ appeals to be heard by the FTAMB. It seems the colleges presently undertake a similar function within their first and last day apprentice referrals, which may hold secondary financial implications for the training agency budgets, as alluded to in earlier postings.

In January 2009, 46 of the 58 taking Dip WCF were successful, 12 were not. It is wondered, does the failure rate 1 in 4 have an effect on the FTA training budget??

There are 442 apprentices in training 8 of who are PRIVATE and a further 8 subject of the 19 -25 ATF bond, with 268 employers of trainees [Active ATF's].

The FRC/FTA accounts are presently subject to a report/complaint/formal comment by 2 elected members of FRC .

It was established parts of the item Finance, are still work in progress and are to be debated at FTAC on 18th March. Councilor Baker requested this element of the report by the training director, be held over until June.

Huge rejigging of FTA protocols are being undertaken:-

Under the further below broad headings; [phone 07879817175 for futher detail!].

Self Assessmernt Report.

Training Quality Standard.
Ofsted Inspection 2009. Which I undertake will consider the fate of students under the first and last day referral processes.

Service Delivery:
Future of Oatridge, which it was reported is at a critical stage.
January intake, 64 apprentices nominated.
AA & NVQ Program.
Meeting with Farriery colleges.
Apprentice Redundancies.
ATF Qualification.
Farrier Educational Web Site, "Know Foot Know Horse . com".

Health and Safety.

ATF Review and Removal Policy, in final stages of construction.

FRC/FTA professional; indemnity insurances.

Future capability of FTA.

Barefoot trimmers.

Consultation and Communication. Opinion:- Something previously absent and is to be highly applauded.

Spring Clean of Web Site, [ Maybe time to Bury!!].

6th rewrite of Apprentice handbook underway. The 3rd time since April 2008.



Finance Report to follow.

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Postby PNB » Tue Mar 10, 2009 1:37 pm


Having studied the work loads placed upon the shoulders of the senior training staff at FRC, I phoned the FRC training director today to make the comment, it is being made to jump through to many hoops, at to great a cost in order to draw down insufficient funding for purpose.

The hoops through which it has to jump are purely red tape and administrative measures to effect box ticking, laid down by people who seemingly could barely tell the difference between a horse foot and the foot of a cow!!

The great injustice being it ties up the vast majority of the FRC training funding and staff, all for no practical purpose. A purpose in fact that adds absolutely ZERO to the educational needs of farriery or its apprentices.

This rubbish has to stop!!

Someone, please tell us, HOW!!


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Postby csc » Tue Mar 10, 2009 2:00 pm

dont stop writing on this forum peter+

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Phone caller.

Postby PNB » Fri Mar 13, 2009 6:33 am


Regarding finance, I am resisting posting here yet. I have requested a committee of enquiry.


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