Wessex Farrier Supplies, day with Mac Head.

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Wessex Farrier Supplies, day with Mac Head.

Postby PNB » Sat Nov 06, 2010 6:41 am

The title of the day!!

Hoof/Limb Balance and General Shoeing for Soundness.

On 5th October a ROOM full of FARRIERS had a wonderful afternoon listening to Mac HEAD recant his experiences as a farrier and how he has accommodated imbalance in the limbs of the Equine of the MATURE HORSE.

He started with a caution, cautions actually was the thread laid throughout the CLINIC.


"DON'T take anything away from here untill you have though it through".

"Lots of major problems are suffered by Equines, who have the massive physiological abilities to accommodate so much and still survive", [something demonstrated so well through the last 9 million years, the individual horse surviving so well without giving a green light of being injured to every local predator].

To do random things to their feet and limb balance, mistaken or otherwise WILL/MAY have long term implications for their well being. That is what I took away from that part of the clinic any way!!

Mac moved forwards, to consider Static Limb Construction and Dynamic Limb Movement, I will quote an abstract from the 2010 publication "The Mirage of the Natural Foot" [ Micheal E Miller ] attributed to J Ferrie, Thus the statement - " I can make them stand straight or make them move straight, but not simultaneously".

Static Balance has been well evaluated by Ware [ publication 2010] and others previously. From my perspective evaluation of dynamic balance lingers in the shadows for the future, and that is even at the walk and trot, slow movements/paces which are as yet not well accommodated, during faster athletic output one we can't see "at all", with the naked eye, there presently lays the mine field in our comprehensions.

It will only take groups farriers to talk and share experiences with help from slo-mo video to start the process of understanding the shoeing requirements of the horse during dynamic out puts.

Is this colliding of minds, not what CPD should be all about??


A Huge area was covered on the 5th, Other areas were not fully covered by questions that were noted on the day, due to time constraints.

"Dependence on coronet and Hair line not a good guide".

"The influence of front foot Slide Grip, Grab and Pull, on the wear patterns of the front shoe to the performance Equine".

"When viewed from behind, should the Flexor Tendons Directly Superimpose over M/C3".

Mac, moved descriptions forwards, from the previous understood position of, "Level Foot Fall" at landing, to new position of, "Level Foot Placement" during the Loaded stage of movement. This Farrier feels this to be an aspect of Mac's presentation to be something that must be progressed, and soon during debate.

The inluence of the Thorax / Rib Cage upon the moving Scapular and the limb forward movement Shape, at speed??

"An explanation of "The seasonal changes to Equine Foot Shapes seen /noted dramatically during the last dry summer", [Louis and P N Baker].

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