Solar (sole) Corium - for those who dont know

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Solar (sole) Corium - for those who dont know

Postby Big Iron » Tue Dec 04, 2012 5:15 pm

The Solar (sole) Corium

What is it?, What does it do? Where is it? What is it attached to?

These are few of the things we'll learn in this thread. This thread is sponsored by "Cedreic Ford" and brought to you by Big Iron.

For those of you unaware of the situation, Cedric- a highly trained uk farrier who doesnt' know the front end of a horse from the back, demonstrated his incompetence on an attack on Big Iron's anatomy knowledge. Cedric completely got it wrong by not knowing the purpose and function of the sole corium, that is to grow a sole. Big Iron found this rather strange as cedric is a farrier (with qualifications) and sees the soles of horses feet every working day, and is expected to know what the sole is there for and where it comes from. Its called a sole, and it comes from the Solar Corium.

Lets see what "Hoof Anatomy-a beginners guide" says about the coriums,,, not the sole corium just corium in general:-

A corium is a vascular structure which manufactures one of the outer elements of the hoof capsule. For
instance, the solar corium will produce the sole, the sensitive frog corium produces the sensitive frog - the
outer layer of which becomes the insensitive frog we see on the outside. The coronary band contains a
corium which produces the tubules and intertubular horn of the hoof wall, whereas more intertubular horn
is manufactured in the corium surrounding the pedal bone (also known as the dermal layer). The
perioplic corium sits under the coronary band and produces the periople.


Now lets see a picture of the sole corium:-

go to ... atomy.html and look at the pretty pictures. The 8th picture down the page shows a dissection of the sole corium in one half and the sole ground surface on the other half.

This is a good beginning , lets hear more from those who know all about the sole corium shall we.

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Re: Solar (sole) Corium - for those who dont know

Postby PNB » Fri Dec 07, 2012 8:04 pm

Big Iron,

Solar Corium:- all very interesting but really of little consequence to day to day hoof care providers, that is unless we rasp or cut through the sole to its Corium. If and when that happens for what ever reason, then Solar repair is well provided for by a Keratizing Granulation Field as part of it's"The Auto Correct/Repair Mechanism", like a miacle and with a little time all damage repairs!!

Its nice to know about Solar Corium but shouldn't we as hoof carers be more interested in Application Method of Foot Care Principle rather than "Copy and Paste" anatomical theory!!

Laminitis:- now thats A Pain in the Butt for all of us!! Something that has caused me need for considerable thought being a hoof care provider, particularly when attempting to quantify Laminitis Management. There is something I feel that with you vast anatomical knowledge you maybe able explain it to me. It is just how Coronary Tubular Horn, Coronary Inter-tubular Horn, and the entrapped Intratubular Horn is able to migrate downwards towards the Solar Plate when seemingly defying Gravitational Force and in the shod health horse still maintain full integrity [that is as one complete intact unit]? I need to understand when this Coronary Derived Horn reaches solar level how it is able to co-join with your described solar plate if it is in fact a seperate unit, the blending seemingly has a perfect visual integrity through The White Zone. Amazingly in the healthy hoof never visually appearing not to have any physical divisions. Following on what Laminal Mechanism exist to allow the Hoof Wall to slide over P3, and then for the Hoof Wall to attach perfectly with the solar plate. Please also help me to comprehend the Tertiary Laminal Layer [alluded to by Cedric, above], does a breakdown of the Tertiary Laminal Layer account for Striation seen and associated with Coronary Shunts and Laminal Inflammations!! So seemingly the Celular Tertiary Layer must subdivide, so if it does how does this mechanism work?


Sorry my English is not great!!

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