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Postby ferrador » Wed Dec 18, 2013 7:52 pm

got a red invoice dated 31/10/2013 for payment of registration fee , its not due until dec 31st , went in today to pay , not happy that i wanted to pay in cash , they dont even have a receipt book , i was given a compliment slip stamped and signed to say they had received payment though , and they have the nerve to try and tell us how to run a business WTF

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Solvency of FRC.

Postby PNB » Thu Jan 02, 2014 5:27 pm


I attach a letter sent the the FRC and copied to one of our elected FRC members.

I got no formal reply, however some while later I spoke to a rather frosty lady who I understood was a director of finance within FRC. She denied FRC were in financial difficulty, I let the matter drop!!

It was with interest that I read in the December Farriers Bulletin, in appears that FRC do have finance problems [see report of the ex-ordinary FRC meeting, 23rd Oct 2013 [page 3 para 9], where it states consideration is being given to whether Sefton House may need to be rented or sold!!

I ask upon request should we expect full disclosure of matters of critical finance from our Registration Body?? then if not why not??



My enquiry:-

----Original Message----
Date: 07/12/2013
To: <>
Subj: Fw: the fiture of
farrier employment.

----Original Message----
From: pnbaker@tiscali.
Date: 07/12/2013
To: <>
Subj: the
fiture of farrier


Following our phone calls yesterday, I attach the final version of the report for your information.

I am still concerned about the solvency of FRC and hope the 2014 Registration Fees are not earmarked to clear up the historical finances and the hole in the old NFTA debt!!

It is worth remembering FRC is a CORPORATE BODY as described by The Registration Act and should not trade insolvent. Please bear in mind you as a elected member of FRC are effectively a DIRECTOR of FRC so trading in insolvency effects you!!



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