Bare Foot Trimmers my area.

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Bare Foot Trimmers my area.

Postby PNB » Tue Sep 09, 2014 7:40 pm

Today following a formal complaint about barefoot trimmed Equines. I was invited to View two bare footed and ridden horses in my area, to see what could be done for these foot sore horses. Secifically with regards to the Farriery Regulatory reforms presently before DEFRA.

I was presented with two horses who were foot sore, one chronic laminiitic one seriously toe in.

Firstly the hind feet were loosly presented within acceptable parameters, not really ideal but not negligent.

The front feet were outside acceptable, on one the outsides were just about OK the insides were very poorly trimmen, flared cracked and were Not mirrored with thier outsides, the walls on the inside was far longer. On the other horse a laminiitic the AP was way out and the M/L was similar to the other horse cracked and winged. Both horses had a long history of extremes of lameness, one being buted up DOUBLE dose! the other repairing from a Longstanding abscess situation

Conclusion:- The barefoot trimmersi in question seemed to be coping with the parts of the animals feet that were developed normally, but the feet or parts of the feet that had developed abnormally showed huge deficiencies and deficient workmanship!! They we're clearly outside of the technicians competences and skill level.

Suggestion:- That the barefoot trimmers in question stick to straight forwards feet and do no attempt the abnormal ones, the penalty is crippled animals. That a system of supervision by qualified farriers be allowed by FRC in an attempt to contain hoof mutilation


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