New Idea - Would a Locum Service Help You Out?

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New Idea - Would a Locum Service Help You Out?

Postby TangentLines » Thu Nov 20, 2014 7:03 pm

The Farrier Exchange: Backup when you need it

Your business is demanding and often dangerous, so how much support do you have when you need it?

We want to be the single point for farriers to contact if they need short or long term assistance due to illness, accident or planning a break.

We know your customers won't wait and you don't want to lose your regulars to a competitor. We will find a farrier ready to help you out when you need it and arrange the logistics to make it happen.

Could this help you out?

Talk to us (here's the link: ... -good-idea )
• to sign up for more details about how to use the service
• be listed as a locum farrier.
• to tell us what would help YOU

Get in touch at we're ready to answer your questions and hear your suggestions.

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