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Postby PNB » Thu May 12, 2016 11:36 am


Yesterday 11th May 2016 I attended the 6th day of a DISCIPLINARY hearing in London, (previously earlier days reported in national press,Telegraph, Mail and its reported in the Times), The defence solicitor agreed the cost could be in the region of £100k. The bulk of which is to be paid for from consolidated farriers registration monies, as reported on this site otherwear. Basically and seemingly an employment issue which could not be simply resolved due to the employment contract being Tripartite, (an historical FRC satellite JFTC, the young employee and his farrier employer), which made normal employment process impossible.

The hearing has effectively concluded apart from the committee proving or otherwise the case!! And as necessary sentencing the respondent.

What an inflamitory event, in which the integrity and truthfullness of five working farriers was seriously questioned and some were flagged up as being liars.

By the attacking nature of the prosecution and the extreme costs this Registration Function an alternative must be found, that is if Farrier Registration is to continue. "One has to be found".


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