Impact Assessment. Farriers well being.

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Impact Assessment. Farriers well being.

Postby PNB » Thu Jan 26, 2017 11:56 am

The Registrar FRC. Sefton House, Peterborough, PE1 5PP.

20th December 2016.

Circulation:- Designated Head of Profession WCF, The Registrar FRC, The Chairman and All Members of Farriers Registration Council.

Dear Sirs.

I write to you to express my feelings about something that seemingly is not happening at present and I feel strongly should be happening.

I have during my latest membership of FRC and specifically being on the Investigating committee of FRC, observed, for the first time during this tenure, the pressures and stresses the disciplinary processes of FRC seemingly place on individuals, specifically when members of my craft and historically trainees/apprentices suffer, leading to at least one suicide (understood to be a coroner’s observation) in the past.
Now the disciplinary rules have been changed to include all Apprentices this is something I fear may again reoccur. I have concluded this has come about because of a rather military approach to the farriery disciplinary processes which seems to be lacking of a sufficient empathy for the working craftsmen.

If the above approach is to continue toward Registered persons and in order to reduce any further adverse welfare situations, a new raft of protocols should be implemented prior to any disciplinary matters being introduced to the INVESTIGATING Committee. The purpose being to raise committee awareness.

I suggest an “Impact Assessment” should be undertaken by the Registrar prior to him presenting papers before Committee. Any resultant assessments should be included within the committee’s papers as reference points. The Registered Farrier Employers involved should be considered and the future predictable effects upon their businesses, (and/or) their Employment considered. Any Employees wellbeing concerns to be included within the assessment, as well as those of Trainees involved and how they may be affected. The effect upon Horse Owner clients and their Animal’s needs that are caught up here by the disciplinary processes also need consideration, (this list is not definitive).
Yours Faithfully,

Peter N Baker, Craft Elected FRC Member.

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