Urgent - please read

especially for horse owners to ask advice, from farriers or from other owners, all welcome, also please post details of lost or stolen horses here
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Urgent - please read

Postby EbonynIvory » Mon Jul 14, 2008 7:18 am

There has been reports of a certain type of traveling group who have recently moved into the Breadon Hill area (near Cheltenham). They have been causing a fair amount of trouble in the form of trying to steal horses while they are being exercised, walking onto yards and trying to walk off with the horses while the owners are on the yard. This has been in broad daylight - therefore have no regard for the law at all. These people have been very aggressive and rough. Both of these events occurred in Beckford, just off the A46. The M5 is not far from there, so commute routes are easily accessible. There have been other incidences, I'm not sure where.

There have also been reports of a Y reg white Mazda pickup (I have the full reg if you want it) following trades men to their sites of work and being very interested in the tools that are being used and left on site. These may be the same people but that has not been confirmed.

I have been told that these people are not gentle in there negation process, so please be careful and nail everything down. For those of you with horses in that area, it may be wise to get in extra security for a couple of months.

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