Heart bar shoes

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Heart bar shoes

Postby TerryB » Wed Jan 13, 2010 10:44 am


I am a new member and joined to ask a specific question ..

my 14 year old ID has never had shoes on (doesn't do much work) but became lame over Xmas. My vet said he has laminitis, probably due to the weather. He has said I must get heart bar shoes put on him.

Why would he need these having never been shod, and I thought laminitis was caused by spring grass? I asked the vet and he shrugged and said 'it is always done like that'.

I want the best for him and don't see how a shoe can cure it? Sorry for being ignorant about shoes btw!

Thank you

john ford
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Postby john ford » Wed Jan 13, 2010 6:06 pm

Terry B, Heart Bars give total support to the foot, as they are designed to mirror image the foot and frog. Farriers can use these shoes to correct many poor footed horses, and are also used as an aid to help horses recover from laminitis. Depending on the severity of your horses laminitis, these shoes can and will give a lot of relief, whilst your veterinary surgeon concentrates on the medical side of things.

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Postby TerryB » Mon Jan 18, 2010 7:17 pm

Thanks John for your reply :grin:

A few more questions, my farrier is away on holiday for another 5 days!

I can see how the shoe mirrors the foot, but how does it support it? If the foot is on a flat surface the same effect/support is achieved or is this not the case? I'm just struggling to see the difference.

Would the amount of laminitis dictate the type of shoe? My vet said it was not severe (nothing has moved?) so are these the right ones for him? I have 2 weeks of bute left and the vet didn't indicate I would get anymore. He said my farrier would sort him from then on.

Sorry to ask so much, I am a bit in the dark here.

Many thanks

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Postby csc » Tue Jan 19, 2010 7:02 am

terry hi
firstly laminitis has many causes even heavy use without shoes toxemia etc
there are many types of shoes for laminitis not just the heart bar
for further information look up heart bar shoes for laminitis THERE ARE MANY REPORTS ON THIS may i suggest the one by J T FERRIE F.W.C.F as not only is it good reading it is simply put and easy to understand
it would not be wise for anyone not involved with you or your horse to give you advise on hearsay
this is something you and your vet and farrier must advise on the action required
both are highly qualified to do so

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