Fall out from FRC meeting 1st March 2006, [2].

For farriers to raise concerns with elected Farriers Registration Council representative Peter Baker. Anonymous postings will be deleted.
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Fall out from FRC meeting 1st March 2006, [2].

Postby PNB » Sat Mar 04, 2006 8:37 am


CPD and Re-validation in their suggested format are dead in the water.

It was confirmed at FRC that CPD and Re-validation could not be made obligatory under the current Farriers Registration Act.

In order for either of these to become obligatory it would require either an amendment to the Registration Act, previously felt to be to much of a risk, or a total rewrite of farrier registration as similar to which is proposed in the invitation afforded to farriers to join the new veterinary service legislation.

There will need to be some serious head scratching by the craft.

Firstly do we want compulsory CPD or Re-validation?? or would it be more appropriate for CPD to be voluntary [my personal preference] the only stick involved being the one to which the carrot is tied.

Secondly, Re-validation is not such a serious problem as it is presented to be, it could under the existing legislation be a condition of first entry onto the register, which coincidental would stimulate the CPD element desired.

Thirdly, Is the craft prepared to align its regulation under a new veterinary services act. The more I see of it, and the more I see of the way FRC has developed in the last 30 years, the more I feel that no door should be slammed shut. However as yet it is very early days in the crafts involvement in the debate. Consequently both the council secretary and the current chair of council feel unhappy about the terms of referance of the invited WCF / RCVS group and voiced the opinion, whether FRC should continue to be involved in the WCF initiative.

Personal Opinion, so the first time the rank and file craft are invited to make a positive input by WCF [a very positive, a most welcomed overdue act which should be much applauded] into its future the senior officers of FRC seem to be crying we want our ball back. IS THIS THE CASE?? Then, IS THIS ACCEPTABLE.?? So WHY?? What is the incentive that makes FRC so put out?? Ideas please.


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