Review of:- The Guide To Professional Conduct.

For farriers to raise concerns with elected Farriers Registration Council representative Peter Baker. Anonymous postings will be deleted.
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Review of:- The Guide To Professional Conduct.

Postby PNB » Fri Jul 14, 2006 4:10 am


An committee has been set up to review these guides, I have written to FRC in this regard making the following observation about what I feel should the objectives of your elected representative on this committee, and would like to invite your comments. Please post your comments here or if you wish email me.

Quote, "Whilst on the subject in considering the rules I wish to start with a clear head and concentrate on animal welfare and safety issues.

Professional misconduct does not rate highly in my assessment of disiplinary matters!! I see it as an handbagging licence and a comfortable area for the sad and disavowed to hide, extremely expensive, a debilitating matter to prosecute and one that puts the craft totally at ODDS with its registration body.

These are the reasons I feel the current blue book is unsatisfactory and highly ambiguous".

The proposed farrier members of this review group are,

Richard Hurcomb, Dip WCF. [NAFBAE].
Gary Burton [Dip WCF].
Mark Spriggs RSS. [WCF].
Peter N Baker AWCF. [FRC].

The Non Farrier members are,
Brig Roache [FRC].
Reg Howe [WCF].

PNBaker. [ ]

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Drafting meeting Codes of Conduct.

Postby PNB » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:56 am


The first meeting happened, the working group [WG] consisted of: -

Brig Roach FRC, Richard Hurcombe NAFB&AE, Mark Spriggs WCF, Sam Cook NAFB&AE [replacing Gary Burton], Mrs Heather Chair of WG , Vicky Davitt Secretariat, and PNB FRC. Apologies from Reg Howe WCF, who prepared a strong written input to the proceedings.

The meeting was very productive and most of the elements that had bugged UKHSU over the last three years were addressed. A first draft rewrite / amendment of the codes has been prepared and circulated to the WG, very well it reads with only from my view point a few drafting comments necessary.

It was designated before the meeting that the WG should work to formulate a set of proposals for council to amend the existing text, rather than start with a blank sheet, so the new structure will not be dissimilar to the old set [Blue Book]. The objective of my input was to make it less oppressive than its predecessor, warmer and less ambiguous for the unfortunates that are bought to book. In this regard I feel the proposals to be a success.

The codes proposed are I feel however are still to bulky, yet far less ambiguous than the previous ones, with many cross references which should make great debating material in future disiplinary hearings!! A new proposal being annexes, background documents to demonstrate and explain in depth various related elements of the codes are proposed.

The second draft should soon be available and it would be nice if the craft could then have a pre-view of the proposed / suggested document ,for comment before the New Codes are cast in stone, [presented to council for endorsement]. This is something I will raise at FRC on 7th November. That way there could only be limited craft future poor comment about the redrafting as the craft en mass will have been involved.

A further WG meeting is planned in late november but may not be necessary.


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