Plea to the NAFB&AE executive.

For farriers to raise concerns with elected Farriers Registration Council representative Peter Baker. Anonymous postings will be deleted.
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Plea to the NAFB&AE executive.

Postby PNB » Tue Nov 21, 2006 5:48 am

Copied from the NAFB&AE notice board.

Executive Committee.

This dammed war that is going on under the heading of training can you not try to calm it, it needs a statement from you!!. It is doing NAFB&AE no good at all, there seems to be a concerted effort to pit you against UKHSU, I have to ask why, who's and what purpose it servers. The two organisations can co exist we are both striving for the same objectives but in our own ways, as Simon outlined in his Election Address. He promotes the objectives for the future of FRC to be: - Quote,

1, More transparent and open.

2, All members would be encouraged to sit on working committees and participate in working parties.

3, The Chairman held great respect for the craftsmen of this country and wished to reflect this by the Council becoming more farrier friendly in its dealings, and this would also encourage the craft to reciprocate.

Executive Committee.

Should not these Simon's three sentiments be applauded and aren't they something with which all working farriers should accord.

You have two seats on council you input could be vast, all the working craft should be working as a team particularly when the very fabric of farrier registration is under review as it is today. I ask please speak up for your members, include me, I will support logical discussion and give you an extra voice. NAFB&AE, The Craft and UKHSU want the best outcome for our craft and those practicing farriery.

Please unify our efforts, and speak to each other.


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