Fallout FRC meeting 1st March 2006. [7].

For farriers to raise concerns with elected Farriers Registration Council representative Peter Baker. Anonymous postings will be deleted.
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Fallout FRC meeting 1st March 2006. [7].

Postby PNB » Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:40 pm


The Operating Statement seems to show / indicate a FTS financial disaster.

A statement in the annual report stated, "Field Officers & Verifiers associated costs are recorded separately", like Stuart I can not understand where this comment comes from and why. A question was framed, "why", the explanation was inconclusive. It seems the Field officers and Verifiers costs [by invoice] were £162K+, that seems to make a total FTS staff cost of £495k+ to run the apprenticeship scheme. Which is an awful lot of money by anybodies reckoning.

The Operating Statement sheet will need further explanation at a future meeting.

£398k+ / 33% of the total income represents the college costs. It would appear that it costs £100k- more to staff FTS than the FTS pay for the students education, to say nothing of the FTS additional sundry costs £184k. Cost efficiency ??, seems a funny way to run a business.

It is further recorded in a minute that two of the colleges are unable to cope on the money they are being paid.

Sorry Stuart, I can not make any further head or tail of it.


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Postby Giles » Tue Mar 07, 2006 7:56 pm

Do you think you were supposed to, or any other members casual examination ??

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